Online masturbation coaching

6 week online series

Your introduction to mindful masturbation

2023 dates coming soon –

Sundays @ 7pm

Follow along with live self-pleasure techniques

Learn about your body and new ways to feel pleasure

£58 for all 6 classes (early bird discount – £40)

What to expect from Sensual Sunday classes

Did you receive any guidance or input about masturbation whilst growing up?

As an adult do you now feel that you’ve fallen into familiar, boring and perfunctory habits with masturbation?

Do you feel like your pleasure and satisfaction are limited, sensation is restricted to a small area of your genitals and orgasm lasts no more than 10 seconds?

Is your masturbation often accompanied by feelings of guilt, shame and disappointment?

Masturbation coaching
Masturbation coaching
Masturbation coaching

I’ve worked with hundreds of people who want to learn how they can change their experience of masturbation to make it something that is more relaxing, more pleasurable, more long-lasting, less compulsive, more satisfying, more exciting and something that actually supports them in being more confident, skilful and loving with their partners.

Sensual Sundays are my version of an online yoga or exercise class, with the focus on self-pleasure, embodiment, self-touch and feeling more. Each week I will guide you through a 30-40 minute mindful self-pleasure practice that will include things like:

  • intentional breathing patterns to heighten sensation or spread arousal around your body
  • simple movements, stretching or body activation instead of being rigid and passive
  • self-touch techniques for more creativity and playfulness
  • creative positions and body placement
  • awareness of subtle, or energetic, sensations in the body
  • techniques for regulating and playing with arousal levels

The classes will not include nudity or explicitly sexual content. 

Masturbation is like a Sunday roast: the bulk of the experience (the meat) will be bland and boring without the delicious seasonings you add to give it flavour and excitement. Masturbation (and sex) are the same. We all know the basic mechanics of the experience (touching your genitals) but many of us are not using enough seasoning
In this series of guided classes we’ll explore and try out different ‘seasonings’ that you can take away and add to your existing masturbation practices. We’re going to explore the aspects of masturbation and self-pleasure that most of us were never told about. I guarantee they will transform your solo-sex experience and the way you have sex with partners. These classes are a way to create a foundation of relaxed and full-bodied pleasure that isn’t necessarily driven by the habit of genital stimulation and the goal of ejaculation or orgasm.
Each class will last a maximum of 45 minutes with a 30-40 minute guided practice and some time for Q&A if required. Come join me, lets have a Sensual Sunday!

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YOU are very welcome to be nude as you follow along with the session. Libby will not be nude.

Yes, if you’ve registered for the session a recording will be made available to you after the live webinar. You can use it for your solo practice.

No. The webinar setup means that participants only have access to the host video – you will only be able to see Libby’s video feed, not any other participants. 

You will need to be somewhere quiet, private and comfortable. Make arrangements to not be disturbed for a minimum of 30 minutes: switch your phone to airplane mode, close down your email and messaging apps, tell the kids to go and read a book, put a note on your door for your housemates, let your partner know you’re having some ‘me time’…

You will need enough space to lie down, to sit up with your back supported (i.e. against a wall, the head of the bed or in a meditation chair), and potentially to stand up and stretch.

Grab a few cushions, a towel (to protect your fabrics and surfaces from oil) and maybe a blanket. Wear comfortable, loose layers, your underwear or be fully nude. Light a candle or two if you wish, dim the lighting and make sure the space is cosy and warm.

You might want to have some warm oil to hand (i.e. coconut oil, avocado oil, almond oil), or some silicone based lube.

You will need either a phone, tablet or laptop with a good internet connection. Wireless headphones are useful if you have them but not necessary.

Please log on to the webinar, using the link or meeting ID and password provided after you registered, at least 5 minutes early. The webinar will start promptly at 20:00 (GMT), I won’t admit any latecomers after this.

Whatever gender you identify with, and whatever genitals you have, the classes are for you. The exercises and practical tools we will cover are suitable for all.

Absolutely! Learning about masturbation and self-pleasuring together is a wonderful way to create deep intimacy in your relationship. It might also be yummy foreplay on a Sunday evening! If there’s two or more of you doing the class in the same room you only need to register once (what a bargain!)

Yes! No prior masturbation experience is required. In fact, this is a wonderful way to begin your journey of exploring your body – with guidance and a solid foundation in body awareness, full body touch, and a loving approach.

That’s great! The Sensual Sunday classes won’t include nudity or demonstration of genital massage techniques though. If you want to learn about, or be guided in, these specifically you can book private coaching sessions with me (email or pre-enrol on my upcoming 8 week Self-Pleasure course.

Please register HERE.

The series will run for 6 weeks on Sunday evenings at 8pm (GMT), beginning 16th January. The cost for all 6 sessions is £58 (a bargain!).

The webinar capacity is limited to 100 attendees so book early to avoid disappointment.

The next block starts on the 16th January, 2022 but I don’t currently have additional dates/blocks planned. Please subscribe to my newsletter to be notified if future dates are set up. Remember – even if you cannot make the live classes on Sunday evenings in this series, if you register you will receive a recording to do in your own time.

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