Individual Sessions

Please note that during the COVID-19 situation I am unable to offer in-person sessions, I will be offering virtual coaching calls only. Please take a read through my blog article HERE to get a sense of how virtual masturbation coaching sessions typically work.

Zoom call: 1 hour (£80) / Block of 3 ~ £220 / Block of 5 ~ £360

In person: 90 minutes (£180) / Block of 3 ~ £480 / Block of 5 ~ £810

There are many reasons people seek out sex and intimacy coaching...

Your motivation is unique to you, and so that’s where we begin. There is no rigid ‘formula’ but you can read below about the kinds of things that might be included. You may also find it useful to read through my blog article HERE, which explains the differences between sex coaching, sex therapy and surrogacy work.

Sessions will involve getting clear on your intention and what you want to learn or change about your relationship to your body, sex, pleasure, and arousal.

From there I will guide you and we co-create a contract of content to explore.

You are not ‘being done to’: you are actively engaged in the learning process.

Sessions might include things like...

Conscious breathwork to regulate arousal

Meditation to stay present during intimacy

Practical education of your unique anatomy

Exploring consent, setting & communicating boundaries

Hands on touch & bodywork from me to you

Getting comfortable with receiving & relaxing

Masturbation witnessing

Coaching in movement & body awareness

Sensual massage (breast, genital & anal)

Sessions will never include...

Touch that is not 100% invited by you

Touch from student to coach

Sexual intercourse