Couples Sessions


Please note that during the COVID-19 situation I am unable to offer in-person sessions, I will be offering virtual coaching calls only. You can also enrol on my online courses to learn the art of intimate massage (CLICK HERE)

Check availability and get in touch via email.

Virtual coaching sessions: 1 hour ~ £120 / Block of 3 ~ £330 / Block of 5 ~ £550

In Person sessions: 90 minutes (£300) / Block of 3 ~ £810 / Block of 5 ~ £1,350

Bespoke Packages: a course of individual and combined sessions, please enquire.


‘There is a vast range of erotic delights available if we simply get more open-minded about what sexual pleasure is all about. When the only image of romantic sex is passionate orgasms from intercourse, it creates a ritualised genital fixation that leaves no room for play or growth. Once we let go of the idea that there’s a “right” or “best” way to have sex, we’ll all have love and orgasms in abundance’

Betty Dodson

Sexologist, Intimacy Coach & Author

Couples sessions can help to address things like...

learning more about genital touch/massage

communication and expression of desires

re-igniting passion and connection

performance anxiety and sexual confidence

how to dive deeper with intimacy

having a third person present during intimacy 

Your motivation is unique to you, and so that’s where we begin. There is no rigid ‘formula’ but you can read below about the kinds of things that might be included. You may also find it useful to read through my blog article HERE, which explains the differences between sex coaching, sex therapy and surrogacy work.

You might have all your sessions together as a couple; or you might come for an individual session each and a combined session.

The content of sessions is co-created between us, meaning that everything we explore is agreed on in advance.

You are not ‘being done to’ or ‘fixed’: you are actively engaged in the learning process.

couples coaching

Virtual coaching sessions

Sessions will include things like simple guided body-based meditation, practices/exercises using breath, coaching in different types of sensual and intimate touch, introduction to Tantric sex principles.

All calls are conducted via Zoom. They are confidential, not recorded and accessed with a secure meeting ID and password (given only to you and me).

Couples Coaching sessions are a wonderful way to compliment my Online Courses in Genital Massage, to maximise your learning and get bespoke guidance and input.

Please email to enquire: 

In-person sessions

Within these sessions I will guide you in giving and receiving sensual touch and intimate massage. You will both have the opportunity to receive from the other, with demonstrations from me. We will explore what each of you desires and enjoys in terms of touch with the help of some ‘games’ and exercises. These sessions are a committed way to deepen your connection and expand your experience of touch, sensation and pleasure.

Session 1: Basics of conscious touch (2 hours)

Session 2: Massage for him (2 hours)

Session 3: Massage for her (2 hours)

***Sessions are taken on separate days, ideally within a 3 month period***

Intimacy coaching