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Testicular massage for fertility

Testicular Massage for Fertility

What is male infertility? If you or your partner are struggling with infertility issues, you are not alone. More and more couples are struggling to conceive. This blog discusses how testicular massage can help, and how to give yourself a testicular massage to improve fertility markers.

Erotic massage

How to give an erotic massage

Do you want to know how to give an amazing erotic massage? Giving and receiving massage is a fantastic way to create intimacy, trust and connection in your relationship(s). Here are my professional tips for being really amazing at sensual, intimate touch.

Better sex

3 Simple Steps to Better Sex…

Whether you’re single & dating, have been in a relationship for 5 minutes, 5 years or 5 decades, you’ve probably got some fairly ingrained ‘go to’ patterns for sex and intimacy: tried and tested ways of connecting that you feel comfortable with or that you know both you and your partner enjoy. When you want to have better sex, where do you start?