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Anal play after prostate surgery

Arousal, erections and anal play after prostate surgery

I work with many men, and their partners, each year who have been through prostate cancer. Their questions around how prostate removal affects intimacy generally focus on the impact on their erections, what orgasm will feel like, and whether anal penetration is still OK. In this blog article I’ll cover all three and share my experiences as an intimate bodyworker.

Increasing sexual confidence

Increasing sexual confidence

Do you experience feelings of shyness, shame, or anxiety when getting close to someone for the first time? Maybe you’re uncertain about how to enjoy sex and ensure your partner’s pleasure as well. It could be that negative thoughts about your body hold you back from progressing with a new partner, causing worries about being naked, intimate, and engaging in sexual activity.

Female orgasm

Why can’t I orgasm with a partner? Part 2

Squeezing and clenching instead of relaxing and letting go…As a bodyworker and masseuse specialising in intimate and sensual touch, I have seen that pretty much, without fail, every person that I’ve worked with who is experiencing some level of anorgasmia has chronic tension patterns in their body.



I have tried various things over the years to try and reduce the effect of endometriosis on my body and my life. The first major improvements I experienced were through changes in my diet. I’m also going to talk in this blog about how abdominal and genital massage – from trained practitioners and my own hands – have further aided me in maintaining a relatively pain-free relationship with my womb and my menstrual cycle.

Premature ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation…

Premature ejaculation is one of the most common issues that my male clients bring to sessions. It’s often also expressed as ‘wanting to delay ejaculation’ or ‘a desire to have more choice around the ejaculatory response’. To give you a starting point, here is my guide to working with PE.