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Mutual masturbation

Mutual masturbation: your essential guide

Masturbation is a solo experience for many people, but mutual masturbation can be also be an amazing experience and it has a lot of benefits! Sharing a masturbation session with a partner can be an excellent way to show them what you like when it comes to touch and stimulation (and vice versa). It is an exciting opportunity to witness your partner’s pleasure, and have them witness you.

Sounds of sex

Sounds Like Sex…

Do you find it difficult to vocalise your pleasure? Are your ‘sex sounds’ short, breathless and strained, or perhaps just non-existent? Many people learned to masturbate silently – particularly if you lacked privacy or were raised in a home that viewed sex or masturbation as bad or wrong. This unconscious conditioning around sex sometimes means that, as adults, it’s difficult to relax and explore pleasure and affection in an open and vocal way.