Intimacy Coaching Sessions are...

– for changing habits around masturbation, porn & sex

– for addressing issues such as erectile dysfunction, pre-orgasmia, negative body image & premature ejaculation

– for exploring elements of consent, boundaries & communication

– for repairing impacts of scar tissue on sexual health & wellbeing

– for learning about your body, your genitals & your pleasure

– for couples who want to expand their sexual menu

I want to help you have more choice, more understanding, more awareness and enjoyment of your body.

I want to support you to feel more able to notice, value and communicate your sensations and emotions.

It is my belief that in developing these skills we can be more fulfilled people, lovers, partners and parents.

In order to fully support clients in their journey, all Certified Somatic Educators abide by a Code of Ethics.

What next...


Email to enquire

Please share a little about yourself, your motivations for seeking out a session & any areas of learning/experience you would like to explore...


Download an intake form

Before our intake call, please download and complete an intake and consent form


Intake call

30 minutes via phone or Zoom for me to understand a little more about you, and for you to ask any questions you might have.


Sessions begin

Either a block of 3 or 5 initially, or one-off sessions once an initial course has been undertaken.


All the most asked questions about my sessions. If yours still aren’t answered here though, just drop me an email on

An initial 30 minute intake call is charged at £30.

Individual sessions...

In person: 90 minutes (£180) / Block of 3 ~ £480 / Block of 5 ~ £810

Via Zoom: 1 hour (£80) / Block of 3 ~ £220 / Block of 5 ~ £360

Couples sessions...

Together In Person: 90 minutes (£300) / Block of 3 ~ £810 / Block of 5 ~ £1,350

Bespoke Packages: a course of individual and combined sessions, please enquire.

Payment should be made no later than 24 hours in advance of your session, via bank transfer or PayPal. Details are provided when you book.

As a Somatic Sex Educator and Sexological Bodyworker I will always use gloves for any genital or anal touch. I stay educated and informed around STI symptoms and treatments. Other things you might like to know: sheets and towels are fresh for every session, I use a waterproof sheet to prevent oil or fluids permeating the futon mat we work on, I 'smudge' my space and energetically cleanse before and after every session.

Touch is one-way, from me to you, and I will always remain fully clothed. I am bound by a code of ethics that is in place to ensure you are comfortable, safe and able to say a wholehearted yes or no to anything we explore. The sessions are focussed on your exploration of sensation in your body: this does not include touch from you to me. If you would like to explore sessions that include this please ask and I can recommend other practitioners who work with sexual surrogacy.

I work with people of all genders & sexual orientations.

I enjoy working with people who are engaged in their personal journey of growth and sexual exploration. Some people have experience exploring their sexuality and are aware of how sex connects with the rest of their lives, others are 'beginners' and only just embarking on the path. Some people have specific questions or issues they want to address, while others are interested in increasing their existing abilities to build and experience pleasure. Think of me as a Personal Trainer for Sex: you might be training for a marathon or you might be just maintaining general fitness.

All of my clients are adults (at least 18 years old) but there is no upper age limit.

If you need to you can use the towels and shower facilities provided at the start of the session (this is included within your session time), or you can arrive freshly showered. It's a good idea to avoid coffee and other caffeinated products for 24-48 hours before your session so your system is not over-stimulated. Please don't consume alcohol or other drugs before your sessions.

I work from a dedicated treatment room in my home in Tufnell Park, North London. The full address will be given once a booking has been made and confirmed.

Please be punctual but not early for your sessions - there is no waiting room.

Contact Me

Want to ask a question or book a session?

Please send your initial enquiry via email to