Intimacy Coaching Sessions are...

- for changing habits around masturbation, porn & sex

- for addressing issues such as erectile dysfunction, pre-orgasmia, negative body image & premature ejaculation

- for exploring elements of consent, boundaries & communication

- for repairing impacts of scar tissue on sexual health & wellbeing

- for learning about your body, your genitals & your pleasure

- for couples who want to expand their sexual menu

I want to help you have more choice, more understanding, more awareness and enjoyment of your body.

I want to support you to feel more able to notice, value and communicate your sensations and emotions.

It is my belief that in developing these skills we can be more fulfilled people, lovers, partners and parents.

What next...

  • Email to enquire

    Please share a little about yourself, your motivations for seeking out a session & any areas of learning/experience you would like to

  • Download intake form

    Before our intake call, please download & complete the INTAKE & CONSENT FORM

  • Intake call

    30 minutes via phone or Skype for me to understand a little more about you, and for you to ask any questions you might have.

  • Sessions begin

    Either a block of 3 or 5 initially, or one-off sessions once an initial course has been undertaken.