Individual Sessions

Individual intimacy coaching sessions in Brighton and North London, or virtual coaching calls via Zoom. You can also enrol on my 8 week online Mindful Masturbation course to start building a healthier relationship with your body and pleasure.

In person sessions: 90 minutes ~ £220 / Block of 3 ~ £600 / Block of 5 ~ £1000

Virtual Coaching (via Zoom): 1 hour ~ £100 / Block of 3 ~ £270 / Block of 5 ~ £450

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Betty Dodson

– Sex for One – 

There are many reasons people seek out intimacy coaching, masturbation coaching and sex coaching...

Perhaps you just want to prioritise pleasure in your life, or maybe you want to build a more loving relationship with your body. You might want to learn some new ways to touch yourself, or create healthier habits around porn and fantasy. It could be that there’s a specific sexual issue you’d like to overcome; such as vaginismus, erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. Or perhaps there’s something entirely unique that you’d like to explore and learn. Here are just some of the ways that my clients have chosen to use their coaching sessions … what will be yours?

improved the sexual experience they were having with their partner by understanding their own body more

discovered and ‘re-wrote’ negative and limiting belief patterns they had about themselves in relation to sex and intimacy

tried out self-anal stimulation for the first time, with guidance, information and inspiration

developed a daily self-pleasuring practice that felt nourishing, energising and pleasurable as opposed to masturbating with a perfunctory and unsatisfying routine

connected with, felt and were witnessed in new levels of arousal, hornyness and joy

grieved the loss of a life-partner and the subsequent absence of intimacy and touch

spent time as a couple being guided and coached in how to give each other intimate genital massage

Your motivation is unique to you, and so that’s where we begin. There is no rigid ‘formula’ for each session but you can read below about the kinds of things that might be included. You may also find it useful to read through my blog article HERE, which explains the differences between sex coaching, sex therapy and surrogacy work.

Sessions will involve getting clear on your intention and what you want to learn or change about your relationship to your body, sex, pleasure, and arousal. From there I will guide you and we co-create a contract of content to explore.

You are not ‘being done to‘: you are actively engaged in the learning process.

In-person coaching sessions

In person intimacy coaching sessions can include things like:

  • simple guided body-based meditations, to stay present during intimacy
  • practices/exercises focussing on breath, to help regulate arousal and increase pleasure
  • guidance in different types of self-touch
  • practical education of your genital anatomy, to increase body awareness and self-acceptance
  • exploring consent, and setting/communicating boundaries
Intimacy coaching Brighton and London
  • masturbation witnessing
  • coaching in movement and simple physical exercises, to increase sensation and mobility in the body
  • hands-on bodywork and intimate touch from me to you (e.g. breast massage, genital massage, anal massage)
  • getting comfortable with relaxing and receiving touch
  • learning to notice, value and communicate your desires around touch and intimacy

The content of sessions is based on what I believe will be helpful to you from what you share in the intake form and our intake call.

Please initially complete an intake form and select a date/time for a 30 minute intake call from the availability options.

Intimacy coaching online

Virtual coaching sessions

Virtual coaching sessions will include simple guided body-based meditation, practices/exercises using breath, different types of self-touch or movement – these are dictated by what I believe will be helpful to you based on what you share in the intake form and our intake call. Sessions can include masturbation witnessing. Please take a read through my blog article HERE to get a sense of how virtual masturbation coaching sessions typically work.

All calls are conducted via Zoom. They are confidential, not recorded and accessed with a secure meeting ID and password (given only to you and me).

Please initially complete an intake form *CLICK HERE* before selecting a date/time for a 30 minute intake call.

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